UI/UX Designer in Vancouver, BC Canada







Graphic Design

Formally trained at Emily Carr and Capilano University from 2004-2008.

UI Design

Strengths: Designing user interfaces for web & mobile apps.

UX Design

Experience with flow charts, personas and using data in design decisions.


Love working on striking, memorable and likeable brand identities.


Ability to craft proprietary illustration and graphics for any project.


A voice that sounds human and approachable – quirky, geeky & honest.

Who is Victoria Wong?

What's her background?

Born and bred apologetic Chinese Canadian Vancouverite.

What does she like to do for fun?

Watching crime dramas, reading Ayn Rand & smashing volleyballs.

What does she like about her work?

Creative freedom, bazinga moments & awesome team mates.

What are her best qualities?

Listening skills, high quality of work & staying organized.

What are her worst qualities?

Getting up early & giving speeches.

Why work with her?

  • Supportive
  • Respectful
  • High Achiever
  • Flexible
  • Takes Constructive Criticism
  • Fast Learner
  • Knows When to Pick Her Battles
  • What projects interest her?

    Something that improves efficiency or sustainability with a lofty vision of a better tomorrow for the world. Or a product/service that serves a niche group of people who have similar goals.

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    Recent Projects


    Pinshape is an online marketplace for 3D printable files.

    Audience: Desktop 3D printer owners & 3D designers

    Role: UI/UX Designer

    Recognition: Vancouver UX Award 2015

    Tag Team Poker

    Collude with a friend in Texas Hold'em against other mystery partners at the table.

    Audience: Mobile app poker players

    Role: UI Designer, Visual Artist

    Availability: Apple App Store / Google Play Store


    Get math help with short video tutorials to solve a specific topic from your classroom textbook.

    Audience: Elementary & high school students

    Role: Graphic Design Contractor


    Remix and collaborate music.

    Audience: Professional DJs, musicians, sound engineers etc.

    Role: Graphic Design Contractor


    Living the digital nomad life at the moment! I'm available for freelance projects—if you think I would make a good fit for your project, let's chat!