About Me

Hello! I am a Canadian UI/UX designer based out of Vancouver, BC


My career began shortly after graduating the prestigious IDEA program at Capilano University in 2008. After an awesome 6 years of real-world experience as a part of an in-house team, having dipped my hand in corporate as well as product work, I’ve found a deep love for startup projects and have been hustling as a part of one startup team or another for the past 4 years.

6 + 4 = 10. Ten years of real world design experience under my belt. Phew!

My Methods

Fail Fast, Iterate Fast

I stand firmly with the Lean Startup and Agile Development methodology, preferring small cross-functional teams and regular release and user testing cycles over documentation-heavy methods. I’ll even dive into writing HTML and CSS if it helps relieve development time.

Product Planning as a Team

Laying out business opportunities to the team allows everyone to get pumped and stay focused on what the outcome of the collaborative work should achieve. It’s also a good litmus test for whether any preconceived ideas are worthy of further exploration. Nobody likes to work on something they don’t believe in.

Design Process

I like to work closely with project stakeholders and run preliminary user interviews to understand existing workflows' pitfalls and peaks before embarking on crafting design solutions.

My daily work consists of designing user journeys, product flows, wireframes, high-fidelity mocks, prototypes and providing final artwork and specs for development.

Data-Informed Development

As a UX designer, I also design and monitor quantitative user-testing analytics to measure the success rate of any particular feature funnel. Having said that, I prefer to partner with data scientists whenever possible. Qualitative interviews gives a high-level indication of potential areas of opportunity or concern, but a large amount of anonymous data points indicates whether or not a feature is realistically viable.

Without data we'd be operating in the dark. So let’s utilize data!