Senior UI/UX Designer

Designer, illustrator & brand specialist for web and mobile applications.

StudyPug desktop screen mockup on a laptop computer StudyPug mobile screen mockup on an iPhone

10 Years of Design Experience

Graphic Design example of Chinook Scaffolding wordpress site style tile

Traditional Graphic Design

Formally trained at the Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver and Capilano College, North Vancouver for art and design from 2003-2008. Typography, colour theory and basic layouts/compositions are all part of my everyday professional repertoire.

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UI Design example of the Ready Mobile Payment iPhone application development mockups

UI Design

My career path has revolved immensely around the boom of web and app development. With formal training in graphic design, user interface sensibilities comes naturally to me. Designing intuitive interfaces is my forté.

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UX Design example of a persona developed for the target user

UX Design

UX design encompasses a practice that involves user centered design and creating optimal user journies throughout the entire brand’s ecosystem.

Much of my work employs design thinking albeit working on one piece of the brand’s puzzle at a time.

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HTML & CSS screenshot of code I write in the Atom Editor


Agile development is my preferred method of collaboration. I like to get my hands dirty into the code to avoid the need to document design nuances to developers.

I am a nerd with HTML structure and all things CSS, with a particular fondness for SCSS and Less.

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Illustration example of some proprietary artwork I drew for StudyPug


Drawing is a second love of mine after crafting user interfaces. An artist’s work reflects their innermost vision of the world—mine is a strange, cute, quirky and sometimes funny one. My style aims to connect with the emotions of the viewer’s inner child.

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Branding example of page out of a Brand Guide I developed for Ready


My unpopular opinion is that a beautifully crafted brand identity alone is not enough to make a lasting impression on consumers. Beautiful looking logos are everywhere you look, but a company is much, much more than a logo!

I help clients focus on their brand story. Stories connect with people.

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I’ve been blessed with gracious teams who march to the same tune as I do. Team chemistry is important if you want to take great strides.

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